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Census records for Ladums and variants in Marden, Kent

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Edward Ladams|1811|Crouch, Wrotham|Ag Lab census image

Elizabeth Ladams|1832|Tilden, Marden|Ag Labrs Daur census image

William Ladams|1826|New Lodge, Marden|Ag Lab census image

Alfred Laddams|1827|August Pitts, Horsemonden|Agl Labourer census image

James Laddam|1806|8, Kingman's Yard, Maidstone|Farm Labr census image

John Laddams|1830|Pound, East Peckham|Apprentice Cordwainer census image

Caroline Laddums|1834|Glassenbury, Cranbrook|Genl Servt census image

Ann Ladhams|1830|Coxheath, Hunton census image


Alfred Laddams|1826|Morgan Farm, Haymans Hill, Horsmonden|Agricultural Carter census image

James Laddams|1807|Watery Lane, Maidstone|Agricultural Labourer census image

Ann Ladham|1831|Trosley Street, Trottiscliffe census image

Frederick Ladhams|1851|Dairy House, Hunton Road, Marden|Scholar census image

Harriett Ladhams|1859|Copthall Cottages, Reed Place, Marden census image

James Ladhams|1851|Holders Cottages, Reed Place, Marden|Scholar census image

John Ladhams|1806|Barn Hill, Hunton|Farm Bailiff census image

John Ladhams|1810|Dairy House, Hunton Road, Marden|Agricultural Labourer census image

Rebecca Ladhams|1807|Barn Hill, Hunton census image

Stephen Ladhams|1854|Holders Cottages, Reed Place, Marden|Scholar census image

William Ladhams|1786|Marden|Agricultural Labourer census image

William Ladhams|1812|Hunton Road, Marden|Agricultural Labourer census image

William Ladhams|1822|Copthall Cottages, Reed Place, Marden|Agricultural Labourer census image


Ann Ladams|1806|Old Loose Hill (Beer House), Loose|Annuitant census image

Mary Ladams|1837|Cottage, Thornham|Laundress census image

James Laddams|1807|Waggon Row, Maidstone|Ag Lab census image

Edward Ladhame|1813|Maginforth, Maidstone|Farm Bailiff census image

Alfred Ladhams|1823|Marden Road, Goudhurst|Agricultural Laborer census image

Ann Ladhams|1829|Mill Cottages, Hartlip census image

James Ladhams|1815|Cophall Cottages, Marden|Ag Lab census image

James Ladhams|1851|Cophall Cottages, Marden|Ag Lab census image

William Ladhans|1823|Lansdell's Cottages, Marden|Carter census image

Harriett Ladhans|1859|Lansdell's Cottages, Marden|Scholar census image

William Ladhans|1862|Lansdell's Cottages, Marden|Scholar census image

George Ladhans|1864|Lansdell's Cottages, Marden|Scholar census image

Alfred Ladhans|1868|Lansdell's Cottages, Marden|Scholar census image


Alfred Ladhams|1830|Monks, Goudhurst, Kent|Ag Lab census image

Ann Ladhams|1830|Hartlip Street, Hartlip, Kent census image

James Ladams|1815|Mile Bush, Marden, Kent|Agricultural Laborer census image

James Ladams|1851|Mile Bush, Marden, Kent|Agricultural Laborer census image

William Ladums|1861|Lake Farm, Chart Next Sutton-Valence, Kent|Ag Lab census image

Harriett Ladams|1859|Park Farm, Chart Next Sutton-Valence, Kent|Domestic Servant census image

Selena Ladams|1813|Mile Bush, Marden, Kent census image

Frederick Ladams|1851|Nrth Camp Farnborough 2 Hut E Lines, Military In North Camp Aldershot, Hampshire|Soldier census image

Mary Ladams|1838|13 St Johns Rd, Hastings St Mary In The Castle, Sussex|Eating House Keeper census image

James Laddains|1806|Maidstone Union Workhouse, Linton, Kent|Agricultural Laborer census image

Stephen Laddams|1836|Crittendens Row Cottage, East Farleigh, Kent|Ag Labor census image


Mary Ladams|1838|33, Havelock Road, Hastings|Housekeeper To Solicitor census image

Alfred Laddams|1826|Kirkins Cottages, Sand Hole, Horsemonden|Agricultural Labourer census image

James Laddams|1851|Crabbs Corner, Halling|Labourer census image

Alfred Ladums|1868|Brooker Farm Cottage, The Old Row, Newchurch|Farm Labourer census image

George Ladums|1864|Chart Hill, Chart Next Sutton Valence, Chart Sutton|Shepard census image

Susanah Ladums|1887|Lake Farm, Staplehurst Road, Chart Next Sutton Valence, Chart Sutton census image

William Ladums|1862|Lake Cottage, Staplehurst Road, Chart Next Sutton Valence, Chart Sutton|Agricultural Labourer census image

Arthur Ladurns|1878|Chart Hill, Chart Next Sutton Valence, Chart Sutton|Shepherd Boy census image

William Ladurns|1828|Chart Hill, Chart Next Sutton Valence, Chart Sutton|Farm Labourer census image


James Ladhams|1851|(Small Shed), Upper Halling, Halling|Chalk Labourer census image

Alfred Ladums|1869|The Hurst, Mereworth|Temister On Farm census image

George Ladums|1864|Chart Hill, Chart Next Sutton Valence, Chart Sutton|Stockman (On Farm) census image

Harry Ladums|1873|Pluckley Road, Smarden|Miller's Loader census image

Susanna Ladums|1887|The Hurst, Mereworth census image

William Ladums|1861|The Hurst, Mereworth|Agric Farm Labourer census image


James Ladams|1850|Strood Union Workhouse|Farm Labourer census image

Lucy Ladams|1848|Church Street Boughton Monchelsea Maidstone|Retired Nursery Governess census image

Alfred Ladums|1869|Southerden Farm Headcorn Ashford|Farm Labourer census image

Arthur Ladums|1877|Bayley Farm Staplehurst|Farmer census image

George Ladums|1865|Hertsfield Farm Cott Marden|Shepherd census image

Harry Ladums|1874|Corn Mill Cottages Chartham Canterbury|Miller census image

William Ladums|1861|Linton Maidstone|Farm Labour census image

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